Lock Drives USA

We Are Lock Drives USA

Over 175 years of expertise

Lock Drives USA manufacturing operations are made in-house, meaning quality is not the outcome of on-site supplier audits nor of random sample incoming goods inspections, but instead quality is created within our company.


From garden centers to botanical gardens, top gardeners from around the world have been placing their confidence in Lock products for decades.


Professional construction of animal sheds for all kinds of livestock involves meeting the highest requirements for the technical components used for ventilation.


As a competence platform as well as innovation driver, Lock stands for positioning premium quality solutions. With LOCK SBE, we have created an all-encompassing, digital solution.

Lock ProSystems

Using lock drives, gear units and racks, lifting and positional adjustment tasks can be performed easily mechanical simplicity personified.

The Lock Drives USA Promise

What we stand for

We are passionate about developing innovative positioning solutions that sustainably improve the environmental conditions of people, animals and plants.

At Lock Drives, we stand for creative freedom, a creative working atmosphere, interesting perspectives as well as decentralized responsibility and highly efficient production.

In this way, we make a valuable contribution – to our environment and to our company.

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The Lock Drives USA Mission

We are driven by your success.

As the leading manufacturer of drive solutions professional horticulture and agriculture technology, we are committed to the highest quality requirements of our customers.

Our unique level of specialization and our knowledge of this specialist sector enables us to offer a fully comprehensive range of services. The technological expertise we have developed over the years is something we can apply to new markets and applications, particularly on positioning solutions.

The preservation of an environment worth living in and the conscious use of resources are a need for us. Sustainable developments of material and technology in environmental protection and recycling are adopted and used sensibly.


We Are Lock Drives USA

The vision
we strive for

We aim to assist our customers around the world in creating safe environments for people, animals and plants to flourish.

Our Partners

Who we
work with

We provide the solutions and technology for various applications across a range of industries. 

Lock Drives USA Applications

Ventilation Systems

Lock Drives USA offers an extensive knowledge and range of products to enhance any sized project.


continuous system

Ventilation systems designed for buildings, animal sheds or greenhouses.


Venlo greenhouses

Special-purpose ventilation systems that are used for the Venlo design of Dutch greenhouses.


Open-Roof systems

With Open-Roof systems, the roof can be opened almost completely to assure maximum ventilation.


What our partners say about Lock Drives USA

Albert J Lauer Inc
    Albert J Lauer Inc


    "Lock Drives’ rack, pinion and power drive systems allow for optimal temperature and ventilation control."

    Metrolina Greenhouses Inc
      Metrolina Greenhouses Inc


      "Lock Drives help bring in natural sunlight through open roof vents or pull shade cloth to shade these beautiful mums."

      J.C. Van Der Spek Greenhouse Services
        J.C. Van Der Spek Greenhouse Services


        "It is important to us that our customers are getting what they’re looking for quality installations. So our choice is clear: We have Lock Drives in our systems."

        Greenhouse System USA Inc
          Greenhouse System USA Inc


          "Lock Drives helps you with ventilation and shade solutions for your greenhouse 😉🥬"